The Company’s philosophy envisages the attainment of high level of ethics, transparency, quality, customer-service and accountability across all facets of its operations. It aims to be fair, prompt and transparent in dealing with its supplier and statutory authorities. It also aims to maximize the stakeholders value be it shareholders, employees and customers.


Keeping in mind the theme of the Company "Committed to Quality", we want to be the market leader in the Country with 100% assurance of best quality.


To achieve corporate vision with special focus on creating values by Contributing to the economic stability and strengthening the economy of the country, partnering with buyers/ clients to understand and fulfill their needs, maximizing shareholder’s value through strong performance and rewarding employees to effectively developing buyers/clients’ relationship.

Business Activities

The principle activities of the Company are to carry on the business of medicine packaging (specially tablet & capsule) to produce PVC film (Pharma grade) for pharmaceutical industries and food packaging to produce PP/ PS film (Food grade) and disposable products for Food industries also for local and export market thereof.

Shurwid Industries Ltd decided to expand its business , add & amend its Memorandum of Association. The possibilities sector Shurwid goes through - Software & ITES, Petroleum Products, Electrical & Solar Power, PVC Pipe & Thermo Plastic