SHURWID Industries Limited is the leading manufacturer of disposable plastic products.This food grade disposable product is tested in laboratory by "INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY" (IFST).

This disposable product non-toxic, free from plasticisers and heavy metals. It is also tasteless and odourless. We have automatic computerized scanner machine to Checks & controls the online products thickness, width and quality.

Other important properties:

  • It is spotiless & hygienically safe to use
  • It is designed by resonably thicken material with new PP/HIPS meterials.
  • Do not deform in high temperature, remain disinfected, pollution free, guaranteed for health
  • Durable in use & user friendly
  • Standard colour options are Glass Clear, Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Chocolate, Milky White and Other Colours.
  • Having good diameter cutting & vacuum forming properties.
  • Excellent thermoform ability & impact Strength
  • Better machinery capability at lower thermoforming temperature.
  • It complies with the EEC/USP and other international guideline.
  • Manufacturing and packaging are carried out in a classified, dust proof and controlled environment.
  • Unique in house developed packaging system to ensure safety and efficiency of the blister film.
  • Heat proof & Cold tolerance


It is a widely used product in the party, commercial place & food center.

Technical Information:

Characteristics Having good diameter cutting & vacuum forming properties.
Physical appearance Glass/Glossy and free from dust, fiber, dirt, insects unpleasant odor and pin hole free.
Form of Supply Slit Reels
Width Max. 800 mm
Thickness 100 microns 1000 microns (0.10mm -100 mm)
Inner core dia 76 mm
Packing dia Max. 400 mm
Packing quantity Min 20 Kg and Max. 30 Kg.
Minimum Order One Ton for each item.
Lead time 20 days
Packing status Wrapped by PE and packed with HDP sealed bag.
Packing status Wrapped by PE and packed with HDP sealed bag.
Shelf life 2 years